Our Mission

The Haitian American Relief Coalition is there to help restore the belief of the Haitian communities from poverty causing by dangerous natural disaster by using all generous help and resources provided by cheerful givers around the world.

Vision Statement

The Haitian American Relief Coalition blueprint is to engage all the resources gathered from generous donors put in use to benefit the people affected by disasters with action of infrastructure development, reinforcing education and healthcare.

Our objective

Our objective is to focus in long term programs which will empower the Haitian communities in varies way. We strongly believe that development is a key element that could stop the cycle of poverty in the regions of Haiti. However, Education will empower victims of natural disasters to engage and integrated to a new society by building leaders. Prepare the youth for a brighter future possible especially when it comes to surviving skills against natural disaster and staying healthy. Focus on developing centers with atmosphere where the youth could learn technical skills to help change lives for a better tomorrow. Our health programs focus on the importance that everyone should have a right to a sanitized health care institution, create a healthier community within the region.

Our Story

The HARC was founded in 2017 by a group of individuals who shared the same goals and visions to provide emergency assistance for Haiti. As we all believe, giving encourages dialogue between people, communities and nations in ways that people would not ordinarily have experienced before. When a group of people choose to give the result is to create unity from different sectors in the name of a common cause. This is a key contributing factor strengthening communities and nation-building.

Meet the Team

Haitian American Red Cross staff members first responders dedicating their lives for the cause of helping those that cannot help themselves.

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Rickenson Cher-Frere



Necsin Louis

Chief Financial Officer


Eric Augustin

Community Outreach Coordinator


Dr. Jacques Bonenfant

Humanitarian Response Coordinator 

IMG_Frandcis Senatus

Frandcis Senatus

Vice President


Luxson A. Hyppolyte

Finance Coordinor


Lazenie Augustin


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Jean Delphin

Chief Marketing Officer 

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Guerda Jacques-Louis

Event Coordinator

IMG_Ariette Louis

Arriete Louis



Lorry Anestin

Research Development Coordinator

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Carl Henry Charles

Chief Communication Officer

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Johny Louis

General Counsel

Program & Services

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