Medical Supply Needed

There's a serious need for medical supply.  Click below to find out how you can help.

Volunteer with an organization that Guarantees Impact!

Support our humanitarian efforts in Haiti. Whether you're a Doctor, Nurse, Medical Tech, a teacher or just someone who wants to make a difference - we need you.

Haitian American Relief Coalition At Work For You

Hurrican Season

Harc is ready as the storm heads up to your town

Food Supply

Ready and on board to ship before and after the storm

Medical Readiness

Doctors, Nurses and medical supply

Healthcare Services...

HARC healthcare department focused on providing assistance to local clinics with talented teams of doctors, dentists, nurses and talented generous staff members to bring relief to disaster areas.   We Also provide assistance and training to medical staffs as well as local individuals on how to deal and help their communities when a disaster hit.

No one knows when the next earthquake, Hurricane or Flood will strike, but we do know the aftermath is always catastrophic and always leave communities with conflict, drought and disease outbreaks. With HARC the natural disaster response and emergency relief programs will help protect vulnerable families during a catastrophic natural disaster.